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Lambeth breastfeeding support

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Once your baby has arrived your breastfeeding support will be provided by your Community Midwife and Health Visitor. If you want to attend a group for additional help, specialist support, or to chat with other breastfeeding mums, please ask your midwife or health visitor for your nearest Milk Spot (breastfeeding group).

Lambeth Milk Spots are breastfeeding support groups with a welcoming atmosphere where breastfeeding mums can meet and support each other, and also find help and support with breastfeeding issues.  We welcome pregnant women to join us and talk about breastfeeding, meet the team and become familiar with the group.

The Milk Spots are attended by specialist midwives, health visitors and peer helpers (volunteers). Within Lambeth we have 9 Milk Spots running during the week. If you want up to date information on your nearest Milk Spot please follow our 'Lambeth & Southwark Breastfeeding Group' Facebook Page or follow us on twitter @Lambethmilkspot.

For help and support with breastfeeding outside of normal working hours the following contact details may be useful.

National helpline numbers

  • National Breastfeeding helpline number: 0300 100 0212 (8am to 10pm)
  • NCT Breastfeeding helpline numbe: 0300 330 0771 (8am to 10pm)
  • Breastfeeding Network helpline number: 0300 100 0210 (9.30am to 9.30pm)
  • Breastfeeding Network supporter line: 0300 456 2421 (9.30am to 9.30pm) - also in Bengali and Syleti languages
  • La Leche League helpline number:  0845 120 2918 (24hrs)

All are charged at local rates.

Breastfeeding Websites and Apps

Infant feeding web pages- www.gstt.nhs.uk/breastfeeding to download information such as our Pregnancy and Life with your baby-bonding and feeding folder.

Breast Start App- lists local groups and breast feeding friendly venues, as well as information on breastfeeding and infant sleep.

Baby Buddy App - https://www.bestbeginnings.org.uk/baby-buddy