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SEND Profiles

Lambeth Borough Council Schools are using a set of profiles to describe the special educational needs of children and young people.


  • To provide a common language framework which should inform the writing of assessments and support plans at all stages from initial completion of the single assessment form to statutory assessment for an EHCP if that is required.
  • To provide SEN profiles of individual young people that are shared with parents and all involved professionals. The profiles are used to provide shared understanding of a young person’s needs, identify interventions and placements. The profiles will be used to inform annual reviews and can be used at more frequent intervals for short-term target setting and progress mapping.
  • To more clearly define the range of educational needs met in mainstream and specialist provision in line with the designations of special schools and other settings, and thus provide, in conjunction with the profile and common language, a clear pathway from assessment to provision which is understood by all.
  • The profiles are not diagnostic forms. They bring together the outcomes of various assessments into one place so that the young persons needs to promote maximum learning can be holistically addressed.
  • To be, or support, a provision map for a young person including the cost of interventions and support which will enable schools and settings to demonstrate clearly the need for additional High Needs Block funding where appropriate.

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Area of Needs and Settings

SEN Profile Guidance

ESD Profile

SLCN Profile

Learning Profile

ASD Profile

Hearing Impairment Profile

Visual Impairment Profile