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Larkhall Autism Outreach Service


lark hall primary school

What we do:

The outreach service is a targeted provision which supports statements and Education and Health Care Plans to assess children with autism in mainstream schools. We work collaboratively with schools and parents in their continuing development to create an inclusive and autism friendly learning environment, and to enable children and young people to achieve and succeed.

The team comprises of 5 outreach teachers, one of whom leads the service. We are based at Lark Hall Primary School and Centre for Autism. All members have training, experience and specialist knowledge in autism. The team focus on early intervention by becoming involved prior to the establishment of the Education and Health Care Plan. In addition, we work closely with parents, SENCo’s and school staff to develop inclusive practice, to raise awareness of autism, and ensure that the highest level of support is in place in order to achieve success.

Where we do it:

The outreach teachers may work directly with the child or young person and advise staff through modelling, training, informing planning, target setting and providing resources. The team recognises the importance of close links with other agencies who are also involved with the child or young person such as Speech and Language Therapists and Educational Psychologists, particularly around developing and implementing strategies and interventions. We presently have links with surrounding boroughs and also support children and young people who are placed in neighbouring borough mainstream schools, living in Lambeth.

Who we are

Contact details:
Lark Hall Primary School, Gaskell Street,
Clapham SW4 6PH.
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Telephone 0207 622 3820 ext. 207

Outreach Teachers:
Lois Terry; Emma Goulet; Rebecca Wood,
Gaskell Street, Clapham, London, SW4 6PH,
T: 020 7622 3820, F: 020 7627 8854

lall hall outreach

Text version for young readers:

One of our teachers will visit your school at different times each term. We want to support you to feel included and valued. We want you to be able to let adults know what you want and how you are feeling every day at school. This may mean that you have different activities in some lessons. There may be others who share these activities too. This means that everyone reaches the same goals in different ways. We can help staff to help you.

Link to website www.larkhall.lambeth.sch.uk/outreach