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Post - 16 Provision in Lambeth For Young People with Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities (SEND)

Choosing the right further education is important to every young person. When a young person has a special educational need and/or disability (SEND) the choice is sometimes even more complicated.

Further education is the education after you are 16. It is usually different from that offered in universities (higher education).

Most colleges recruit learners in September but also in January. Early application is necessary for some of the more popular courses.

Some schools in the borough offer 'route ways' to college.

In Lambeth, our local offer college is Lambeth College. The college offers a range of courses that may meet your needs. Programmes are offered that have been specially created for young people with SEND in order to provide pathways to employment, independence and being a full member of the community. Other programmes offer the opportunity for young people with SEND to be included with appropriate support to promote success.

For information about post 16 options visit our information pages :

National Deaf Children Society Bursary information can be found here.

Education and Careers for 14-25 year olds

Lambeth's Education and Carrers site that gives you information about your choices and explanations of what your next steps are after leaving school, college and university.

Download the specialist schools brochure (.pdf)


If college and university are not for you, there are a range of alternative pathways into employment, including traineeships and those where you can 'earn as you learn' such as apprenticeships - for more information visit here.


You are eligible for DSA if you are a student on a higher education course who lives in England and can prove that you have a disability, medical condition, sensory impairment, mental-health condition or a specific learning difficulty which affects your ability to study.

For Information about the Disabled Students' Allowance and how to apply for it visit www.yourdsa.com

For information on University Course's please visit www.ucas.com

For more information on the Children and Families Act 2014 you can visit the Young Person's Guide to the Children and Families Act 2014 page.