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How do I get help with all these plans made about me?

Sometimes it can be hard to have so many people in your life, and so many different meetings and plans about your life.  Remember that all of this is done to make sure you are safe, healthy, that all of your needs are met, and that you are happy! 

If your first language is not English your social worker can arrange for an interpreter to come to any meetings, and to translate letters so you can understand them if you want.

If you have any speech or hearing difficulties your social worker will make sure you get the support you need.

If you are not happy about the plans being made, or if you think it would help to have someone to talk to that is not your social worker or carer – you can always bring a friend or an advocate (someone who speaks up with you) to support you.

Do you want an advocate?  You can speak to your Social Worker or you can call.