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Children’s Rights

What is an advocate?

An advocate is someone who can work with you and help you to make sure that your views, feelings, thoughts and wishes are heard. Making sure that people know what you think is so important because it means that your views are taken into account when decisions are made about you.

An advocate can attend your review meetings to support you and help you speak up if you need them to; they can also give you information and advice and also help you with making a complaint.

An advocate is independent which means that they do not work for Lambeth Council. If you would like support from an advocate, call Barnardos on 020 8509 3432 or 0808 800 0017.


What is an Independent Visitor?

If you have had little or no contact with your parents for more than a year, then the law says that you should be provided with an Independent Visitor.

An independent visitor is like your friend, they visit you regularly and like an advocate, help to make sure that your voice is heard. An independent visitor can also help to support you to take part in making decisions about your care.

An independent visitor is a volunteer and is independent from Lambeth Council so this means that they do not work for the Council.