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Health Services

Meet the Health Team for looked after children and young people

We are a team of doctors, nurses and support staff who work with social workers, teachers, foster carers and young people to help keep you healthy and fit.

We are based at Wooden Spoon house, in Kennington, South London. We travel around Lambeth seeing young people for their medicals and review health assessments.

We also work with Health Visitors, school nurses and GPs, who you can also see for your health assessment.

Why do I need to see a doctor or Nurse if I'm not sick?

When you are looked after Social Care has to make sure that you are well looked after and healthy. Why? If you were living with your family, they would need to do the same. It is your social worker and carer/key worker's job to make sure that you are healthy.

The best way to check your health is if you see a doctor once a year for a check up. The law says that all children and young people who are looked after should see a doctor or Nurse once a year for a 'review health assessment' or 'looked after medical'. The doctor or Nurse you see works especially with looked after children and the health team make sure all children and young people who are looked after are seeing a doctor or nurse when they should. If you are under five, you will see a doctor or Health Visitor/ nurse twice a year for a review health assessment.

What will happen when I go to the doctor or Nurse?

You will have the chance to speak to a specially trained doctor or nurse about your physical and emotional health. This means things happening with your body, and also about your feelings.

You can have your weight and height checked if you want to.

You can ask about anything at all – something that is worrying you, or anything else you might want to know about.

The doctor or nurse will also check that you have had your immunizations (jabs), and dentist checks.

It is the doctor and nurse's job to make sure that everything about your health is okay.

What if I don't want to see the doctor ?

Is there is a reason why you don't want to see the doctor – maybe you feel uncomfortable, maybe you are worried that they will tell other people about your health?

You can see the looked after nurse. She can come and visit you where you are living.

You can go to your own GP if you would prefer – if that is the case just let your social worker know.

Is it confidential – who will know about my medical?

When you go to see the doctor or nurse, they have to write down what is happening with your health. They will give a copy of this to your social worker and GP.

Sometimes this will be shared with your parents and/or foster carer if they need to know about anything your health – to make sure they help you to stay healthy and well!

Anything you say to the doctor or nurse is confidential. Sometimes there are things they will have to tell other people to make sure you are safe - they will always talk to you about anything they think they have to discuss with others first so that you know.

What about my teeth?

You will need to go to the dentist at least once a year to have your teeth checked – we want to make sure you have a healthy smile.

What about my eyes?

You will need to go to the optician at least once a year. They are special doctors that check your eye sight.